CBER’s Marks points to stockpiles of H5N1 vaccine as officials monitor reported human case

WASHINGTON — The US has some stockpiles of vaccines for avian flu, FDA’s biologics head Peter Marks said Monday as public health officials raise the alarm over a reported case of avian flu in a human in Texas over the weekend.

Speaking at a workshop at the World Vaccine Congress, Marks said it’s not unheard of for occasional virus transfers from animals to humans that don’t spread further, and he appeared optimistic at how capable the US could be at responding in the event that the virus spreads further. He said that the government already has stockpiles of vaccines that are licensed specifically for H5N1 as well as some that could be “reasonably good matches” for avian flu.

He also underscored that H5N1 is a known pathogen, and having some existing supply of vaccine gives the US a leg up in the event that it spreads…
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