The Endpoints 11 2023 winners: Biotech’s most exciting startups

Every year, without fail, the Endpoints 11 proves to be the most challenging project I face — and definitely remains the most fun.

In an industry where ambition and zeal are trademarks of the most exciting biotechs, how do you narrow the list down to 11 of the most worthy new drug developers to hit the scene?

Without doubt the science remains the crucial element. You have to look for an important advance to make your mark in biotech, and that means tracking down cutting-edge labs that have become skilled at exploring new opportunities. Drug development is extraordinarily expensive, and that means the backers have to offer credibility with a rep for playing out the game. You can’t have a syndicate of shaky players when you embark on a journey of years. And then there’s the management team: the people betting a big chunk of their lives that they can…
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