Nervous System Biobank Inaugural Donor Breakfast and Education Seminar

The event honored the many individuals who graciously donated samples from their brain tumor surgeries to the Department’s Nervous System Biorepository Bank. Over sixty patients, their friends, and family members attended the event, which included presentations by several speakers affiliated with the Biorepository.  Topics of discussion ranged from what happens to the specimen once it is incorporated into the Bank to early detection research and promising new treatments. The guests enjoyed breakfast during the presentations and then were treated to a tour of the Bank’s research laboratory facilities, allowing individuals to see the various specimen processing techniques (tissue culture) and storage facilities.  These cutting-edge projects depend on our courageous patients’ generous blood and tissue donations.  Thank you to everyone who attended what we hope will become an annual event. Read what participants had to say(Link: read more, slide #4). Please contact Jen for further information.

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