‘Blue Brain Boost’: FDA blocks Colorado couple from importing and reselling drugs from China

A Colorado-based couple, Mark and Linda Godding, received a final debarment order from the FDA, stipulating that they cannot import drugs to the US for the next five years.

The debarment comes as last summer they were each sentenced to six months in federal prison for selling unapproved and misbranded drugs to treat serious medical conditions through their online business, known as “Blue Brain Boost.”

The company’s Twitter profile says it was “Leveraging discoveries in neuroscience to improve cognitive performance.” The most recent post, from August 2019, said they’re offering free shipping.

According to the plea agreement, in December 2016, the couple purchased a business called Mighty Stacks, which did business through Blue Brain Boost and sold products through the website, bluebrainboost.com.

The business sold products identified by the FDA as misbranded and unapproved new drugs, including Tianeptine Sodium Powder, a dangerous unapproved drug that the…
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