Senators question how HHS plans to roll out new drug pricing reforms

While CMS drug price negotiations won’t actually kick off until 2026, a group of more than two dozen Republican senators is already raising questions about how this new law will be implemented.

The partisan law (all Democrats in the House and Senate voted for it, and all Republicans voted against it) includes not only Medicare price negotiations but mandatory inflation-related rebates that will begin next year, as well as million-dollar fines for noncompliance.

In a letter sent earlier this week to both HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra and CMS administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, the group of 25 Republican senators expressed “concerns with the disruptive and distortive administrative undertaking that the implementation of this far-reaching federal expansion will inevitably represent.”

They also note both the CBO’s point that the negotiations could increase launch prices for new drugs, and reduce the number of new drug approvals in the coming years.

The law’s true impact…
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