Tiny transcriptome biotech secures Series A to ramp up automated R&D efforts in race towards clinic

A Colorado company is looking to re-up its efforts to expand and go into the clinic, and thanks to some fresh cash from an investing group, the biotech is headed in that direction.

Arpeggio Biosciences announced Wednesday morning that it successfully raised $17 million in a Series A round, two years after a $3.2 million seed round and four years after being initially founded. CEO and co-founder Joey Azofeifa tells Endpoints News that the funding will initially go to pipeline development and automating its compound-screening efforts.

In short, the company focuses on transcription — the act of creating RNA from DNA. Azofeifa said that when the transcription process gets mutated or misregulated in some fashion, you can end up with some pretty impactful disease.

“There’s so many diseases that really start at that transcriptional stage. Finding drugs to fix the transcription is really really hard, generally speaking,” Azofeifa noted.

The CEO…
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